Lone Pine

115 Dart Road
Ariel, Washington


Plot Map

The Lone Pine Cemetery is located about 16 miles east of Woodland in the community known as Ariel. The original cemetery was donated by Mrs. H.E. Dart and was located on lands now flooded adjacent to the Woodland Park community at Ariel. New land was purchased by the Northwestern Electric Company at the time Ariel (Merwin) Dam was built in order to move the graves that were to be flooded by the backwater of the dam. The Power Company relocated thirty-one graves to the new location on Dart Road.

The Lone Pine Cemetery Association was formed on May 18, 1938 by a group of Ariel residents. The association's purpose was to maintain and care for the cemetery. Cowlitz County Cemetery District #2 took over the management of Lone Pine Cemetery in 1971.